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How to complain about Adult services

Complaints, comments or suggestions

Listening Responding Improving graphic Our complaint procedure is designed to help resolve your complaint as quick as possible and keep you involved in the process from start to finish. We will listen and respond to your complaint and we aim to learn and improve our services, policies and procedures as result of the process.


You can make a complaint, comment or suggestion either by:

We can provide an independent advocate to help you with your complaint if you need someone to support you.

A complaint can be made to:

  • the member of staff who is providing the service
  • the service manager
  • a senior manager
  • the contact centre
  • directly to the Complaints Manager
  • another organisation, whom we have commissioned to provide your service or whom you wish to act on your behalf.


When you make a complaint, we will:

  • try to resolve it immediately, if we can’t we will - 
  • acknowledge it in writing in three working days, and
  • put a plan in place with you to try to resolve the complaint (investigation)

If the complaint involves the NHS we will agree with you who should lead on the complaint and keep you informed.

  • agree with you how long this should take The plan could include mediation, to help resolve any disagreements.
  • work to the plan and keep you informed of our progress,
  • if we need more time or to change the plan we will agree this with you in advance.


When we have finished investigating your complaint:

  • We will provide you with a clear report detailing what we did and what we found and what we are going to do about it, and
  • tell you how we have improved any of our procedures and services as a result.

If you are unhappy with the way the City of London has handled your complaint or with the outcome of the resolution you can then refer the complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman for further investigation. Please contact them on:

LGO Advice Team - 0300 061 0614

If you are concerned about the independence and impartiality of the handling of your complaint or want further information about the complaints process, you can call or email the Commissioning & Complaints Manager at:

Department of Community & Children's Services
City of London
PO Box 270
Guildhall, London

Tel 020 7332 3689
Fax 020 7332 1621

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